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Podcast Starter Kit

Have you been considering jumping into podcasting but didn’t know how to start? Do you have a limited budget and no technical knowledge? Don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place!

Podcasting Basics

This course is designed to get you up and running right away with awesome and simple tools to ensure your success. Live Q & A to educate and inspire you!

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 Start Your Podcast From Scratch– Network Casting Director and Indy Podcast Producer Roz Taylor Jordan shares  5 essential areas of focus to help you select, structure and execute your very first podcast production. You will learn concept and design ideas, stage and lighting techniques, show  structure, format selection, and much more.


Learn  proven strategies successful Podcasts use to grow their audience, tips to create customized marketing plans that will get your podcast noticed and a blueprint for attracting sponsors and top tier guest.   Ready to take your podcast to the next level? Sign up now!

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Casting Director

Decades of casting and thousands of interviews have shaped a lot of my ideas I’ve heard a lot of stories. Helping people make their dreams a reality is the best reward ever.

Voice Over Actress

Voice acting allows us to explore other worlds and people living dormant within ourselves on-a blank canvas. Facets of yourself through unique characters and collaborations with fellow actors. Living and reacting in the moment of the story is what makes a great
character actor.


“I’ve become more aware of time and each moment, without pursuing a personal agenda. Our dilemma is not dominating thoughts but capturing or listening to what is being said or seen, in real time, to give a genuine response of humanity in the work,


Everything in life is a production and we each create our own scripts. If we don’t like the storyline, we have the ability to change it at any time.


There is a certain risk-reward that comes with the acting profession. if you can risk feeling rejection, pain, and judgment at the deepest levels, then you’re equally capable of receiving the ultimate gift from your audience, a genuine connection.


Teamwork makes the dream work. Agents help you strategize and prioritize projects to get the career and results you want. I appreciate all the relationships we can build through our network and streaming contacts that support these goals for our students and clients.



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